Curb vs. Curbless Shower Enclosures

While having a shower curb is the more common scenario, the curbless shower stall is becoming more and more popular.  A curbless shower stall is ideal for people with special needs that might need a chair, walker or simply find stepping over a curb more of a challenge.

Steps should be taken to ensure there is plenty pitch inside the shower to accommodate maximum water flow that the shower will generate.

Attention should also be paid to the floor outside the shower that is not pitched.  If the floor outside the door of a frameless scenario, for example, is also pitched, the sweep on the bottom of the shower door will bind and make it harder to open as the door moves toward a 90-degree opening.  Sometimes even in a perfect scenario, it is a good idea to put a curb dam on the floor underneath the door which will help seal the door and eliminate the usual “drag” that occurs on the door of a curbless application.

Examples of Curbless Shower Enclosures

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