When and Why is a Header Required

A header might be required if there is no wall to hinge a door from.  A door can oftentimes be hinged from a stationary panel of glass to eliminate a Header. This option of hinging from a glass panel can be a costly solution.  The price differential is largely due to the increased glass fabrication and hardware costs. Using a header when you have a stationary panel of glass on either side of a door will be less expensive than using glass to glass hinges.

Sometimes a Header is a matter of structural integrity and safety. If you are hinging a door from a stationary panel, it is imperative not to exceed the maximum width allowed. Bottom line is, we love designing enclosures that make our clients happy as long as we are doing it responsibly.  We’ve had customers say things like “why do you have to put a header on my shower enclosure? My friend referred me to a glass shop that said they can do it without a header the way I want it”.

All we can say about that is we can do it that way also…if we ignore important safety & engineering standards designed to keep our customers and their families safe.  We couldn’t tell you if these glass shops are ignoring these standards or simply don’t know any better.

Imagine this… You are a contractor in a customers home that wants you to remove a wall to achieve an open floor plan.  You being a contractor that knows better says, “We can’t remove that wall because it is a load bearing wall and it is holding your ceiling and roof up”.  To which your customer replies “Well I’ve got a guy that says he’ll do it for me”. …I hope your reply would be something like “just because someone is willing to do it doesn’t mean that it should be done”.

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