Deus™ SplashGuard

The Deus™ SplashGuard is a great alternative to having a fully enclosed unit. When you don’t have enough space for a slider, or a toilet/sink is too much in the way for a swing door, our Deus™ SplashGuard would be perfect for you. The European style compliments virtually any bathroom aesthetically and uses minimal hardware for an ultra frameless look. They can be secured to a wall or tub using u-channel or clips. Some customers choose to have one stationary panel of glass, whereas others prefer an operable door hinged to the fixed panel. You also have the option to add a radius corner, for a softer, and more modern look.

The Complete Deus™ Family of Frameless Shower Doors comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Below are some examples of our Deus™ SplashGuard. Click on any image to learn more details about the project.