Custom Shower Enclosure | Curb Pitch

Our shower design team always likes to remind our customers that water flows down.  This is why your shower seat (if you have one) should always “pitch” down toward your shower floor and your shower floor should be “pitched” down toward your drain.  But don’t forget your curb!  We are always surprised at how something that might seem so obvious also seems to slip past so many.

The Cap on top of your shower curb should be pitched 1/8″ to 3/16″ in towards the shower area.

An optimum pitch on the tile or stone that caps your curb for a 5″ width, for example, should have a 1/8″ to 3/16″ pitch for ample water drain off.  Having the curb level is not ideal and having it pitch out is only asking for water build up and a possible leak situation.  If you are doing this work yourself follow the example in the diagram above as a guideline.  

If you have a contractor or professional tile setter set your curb, don’t feel bad about reminding them to pitch your curb in.  They might say something like “of course I’ll pitch it in, I know what I’m doing” but take our word for it, you’re better off reminding them than not.