Project Description

Frameless Door, Panel, Return Panel Notched for Tub Deck

This is our Deus Entrada Xtreme Frameless Door, Panel, Return panel notched for tub deck.  Glass is 1/2″ thick with chrome plated solid brass wall mount hinges for an outswing door.  This Frameless Glass Enclosure is designed for a “curbless” shower stall application.

While curbless applications are becoming more and more popular there are a few things to pay attention to.  One of the most important things on a curbless design is to make sure that the glass enclosure is designed to sit either on the joint where the pitch of the floor or well on the pitched floor.  Important not to be on the flat part of the floor above where the pitch begins.

Another thing to look out for is to make sure that the floor area that the door will swing past is level and not accidentally going up.  If the floor does go up where the door swings out, the door may begin to contact the floor and bind or even create a dangerous situation.